ProMasonry Cement Products

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ProMasonry Construction Grout is a high strength, Portland cement based, multi-purpose fine grout that can be extended with 3/8 inch aggregate.

For grouting columns, machine base plates, bearing plates, anchor rods and masonry walls.

Maintains integrity of repair, resists cracking.

  • Resistant to weathering action, excellent freeze/thaw stability and abrasion resistance.
  • Resistant to deicing salts, carbonation, chloride, and chemical attack.
  • Excellent consolidation around reinforcing steel.
  • Non-corrosive to steel.
  • Non-metallic.

All surfaces coming into contact with Construction Grout must be clean of rust, paint or oils.

  • Provide air release opening to prevent entrapped air where required.
  • Pre-treat wood surfaces that can absorb moisture with forming oil.

No priming is required under normal circumstances.

Mechanically mix using a low speed drill (400 - 600 rpm) and mixing paddle or mortar mixer.

  • Pour 3 - 4 quarts of potable water into a clean mixing vessel and slowly add all of the powder. 3 quarts provides a plastic mix, 4 quarts a flowable mix.
  • Mix continuously for 3 minutes to a uniform, lump-free consistency.
  • Allow to breathe for 1 minute and remix for 1 minute. This will improve workability and open time.
  • Do not over mix, as this will entrain excess air.

At the time of application, concrete surfaces should be saturated surface dry (SSD) but hold no standing water.

  • Pre-treat forms with release agent.
  • Place material within 15 minutes of mixing in accordance with ACI 351.1R-99.
  • Place continuously from one side to avoid air entrapment.
  • Properly consolidate material, vibrate if necessary.
  • Place vent at high point to allow air to escape.
  • Add a maximum of 30 lbs. of 3/8 inch aggregate per 50 lb. bag. Aggregate must be non-reactive, low absorption, graded and high density.

Dampen the repair with a fine mist of water for 24 hours or moist cure with a wet burlap and polyethylene.

  • Protect repair from direct sunlight, wind, rain and frost during curing period.

Clean tools and equipment with water immediately after use. Cured material will need to be mechanically removed.

Do not apply unless substrate and ambient temperature can be maintained at a minimum of 40°F for 24 hours. Refer to ACI Cold Weather Application Guidelines.

  • Cold mixing water and low temperature will retard set. Hot water and high temperature will accelerate set.
  • Protect application from precipitation and high wind for at least 8 hours.
  • Do not add more water than specified.
  • Do not mix more material than can be placed in 15 - 20 minutes.


Physical state and appearance :
Gray powder

Portland cement

Wet mix >12

Water/cement ratio:
Wet mix 0.46* *Data tested using 3 quarts water per 50 lbs. bag.

Hardened 139 lbs./ft.3

Flow table and cone procedures:
ASTM C230/ASTM C939 12 inch flow – minor bleeding

Length change – wet cure:
ASTM C157 169 μstrains @ 28 days

Modulus of elasticity:
ASTM C469 4.1 x 106

Compressive strengths – psi:
(ASTM C109)
1 Day 4,000
7 Days 6,200
28 Days 7,000

0.42 ft.3/50 lbs.
One 50 lb. bag extended with 30 lbs. of 3/8 inch aggregate yields approximately 0.65 ft.3

50 lbs. multi-wall, poly lined bags.
Shelf Life - 12 months when properly stored.
Storage - Transport and store in cool, clean, dry conditions in unopened containers.
High temperature or high humidity will reduce shelf life.

Product is alkaline. Do not ingest. Avoid breathing dust. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for additional information. Keep out of reach of children.

In case of skin contact, wash thoroughly with soap and water. For eye contact, flush immediately with a high volume of water for at least 15 minutes and contact a medical professional. For respiratory problems remove person to fresh air.

Dispose of material in accordance with local, state or federal regulations.

Conproco Corp. warrants this product for one year from date of installation to be free from manufacturing defects and to meet the technical properties on the current technical data sheet if used as directed within shelf life. User determines suitability of product for use and assumes all risks. Buyer's sole remedy shall be limited to the purchase price or replacement of product exclusive of labor or cost of labor. February 2008 NO OTHER WARRANTIES EXPRESS OR IMPLIED SHALL APPLY INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. CONPROCO CORP. SHALL NOT BE LIABLE UNDER ANY LEGAL THEORY FOR SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES.